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Lead Strata Marketing

Using LeadBeam, Lead Strata Marketing saw a 300% increase in output with the same number of agents.

Lead Strata Marketing, a quality lead generator for Mortgage Banks around the country, Streamlining modern finance requires utilizing the latest technology and processes in order to provide the best quality leads for clients. Lead Strata Marketing CEO, Jim Creamer, began to feel dissatisfied with his current lead distribution platform, as it was not adequately fulfilling the needs of the company and its' clientele. Creamer discusses the decision to abandon their previous solution for LeadBeam, one of Ytel"s applications that exists within X5 Cloud Contact Center, an enterprise solution for companies with inbound and outbound communication needs.


As they transitioned to an outbound business model, using an outsourced lead generation platform was the clear step forward for Lead Strata Marketing. "Using Five9's offshore tech support took ages to get any problems solved," said Creamer. "It was very difficult dealing with their customer service. There wasn't much flexibility to help us do better." Jim explains the endless hours he waded through the trenches of offshore customer support, waiting to get someone on the phone who understood what his issue was. "The problem was that our efficiencies with transfers, configuration and flexibility... Five9 couldn"t provide the solution we needed."


Transitioning to LeadBeam was an undertaking, but Jim was more than impressed with the on-boarding and training process. He was assigned an account manager that worked with him every day, through any issue, and ensured that it was taken care of as efficiently as possible. Using LeadBeam has provided financial and company growth for Lead Strata Marketing, as well. "One of the things that"s important in my business is being able to calculate conversion and have those numbers remain consistent so that we can scale." With LeadBeam, Lead Strata Marketing has seen growth month over month since the transition.

"When we switched to Ytel [a few months ago], we saw an instant improvement in our ability to deliver leads to our customers," Creamer stated. "The transition was instant and consistent," he said of LeadBeam, Ytel's lead optimization and distribution application.


In just a few months of use, Lead Strata Marketing saw a 300% increase in output with the same number of agents. Ytel's onshore support team played a huge role in this metric. Jim was connected with the same programmer each time he needed assistance, and the problem was alleviated as fast as possible. Without the daily headache of dealing with support, Jim was able to get back to what mattered – optimizing the lead distribution business, selling, and increasing revenue. "Ytel has been able to allow us to quite easily follow certain metrics and maintain consistency so we"ve been growing. In terms of effectiveness and efficiency, it"s hands down night and day."

Lead Strata Marketing is a California based lead distribution company that generates custom, quality leads, creates co-branded solutions and customer relationships for Realtors.

Financial Services
11-50 Employees

"With Five9, every day was a nightmare. But it’s completely different now. We’re happy. You guys have done a great job for us, and we appreciate that."

Jim Creamer, CEO, Lead Strata Marketing
Jim Creamer
CEO, Lead Strata Marketing
Lead Distribution

Lead Distribution
Distribute live transfers with custom rules, removing agent decision making from the process, increasing lead delivery and efficiency.


With nearly every CRM, allowing for increased efficiency of leads delivered.

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Real-time and historical data into agent and campaign performance, lead buyer statistics, lead lifecycle, and real-time notifications via email or SMS.