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With X5 Cloud Contact Center, MediaMix365 Grew by Over 400% in Just Two Years

"We have been using Ytel since we started our business back in 2013," said Nick Long, Founder and CEO at MediaMix365. "There are a bunch of solution providers with great technology, but we didn't want just a solution provider. We wanted a partner who would help us grow and truly understand our business and what success was to us. We found that in Ytel." MediaMix365 has grown from a handful of agents in 2013, to over 200 with exponential growth projected over the next several years.


"I've used a number of call center software providers and each one had it's own drawbacks. The three major issues I would constantly run into was bad support (offshore agents), poor call quality, or the software was too cookie cutter," said Nick Long. "One thing we are most definitely not is a cookie cutter company, and we needed a partner who had the tech and flexibility to work with us."

Another major component and challenge of MediaMix365 is uptime. "We make millions of calls per year, and every hour we are down we lose thousands in revenue," said Nick. "We simply can't afford to be down, and we need layers of redundancy to ensure this does not happen."


"The solution was simple; we chose Ytel because of a few things. First, the people. It helps to work with people that you like. Second, the flexibility and custom features of the software. And probably most important, the quality of support you get around the clock," said Nick. "I'm a ‘results now' kind of guy. I don't necessarily want to wait on the phone to get an answer. So being able to open a support ticket and get an answer back quickly, or at least knowing that someone is looking into it, and then if I need to, I can jump on the phone and speak with my account manager."

"From the beginning, Ytel has solved various pain points for us, one being agent efficiency," said Nick. "With X5 Cloud Contact Center, we are able to see agent KPIs (key performance indicators) on a dashboard which allows us to optimize campaigns."


"Our most tangible result has been the increase in revenue, and that allows us to grow our team," Nick stated. "We started with just a few agents and in about three years, we have a couple hundred. The MediaMix365 brand is quickly becoming a leader in the lead gen space simply because of the quality of leads they provide to customers."

"From a management perspective, we are working with the best partner for us who provides the tech, support, and advanced reporting we need to make smart and informed business decisions," Nick said. "They've built a system that just works for us. We are growing, generating revenue, and working more efficiently."

MediaMix365 is a full service marketing and media agency with over 20+ years of success in direct response and lead generation with specialized verticals. MediaMix365 has become one of the nation's top performing lead gen companies that connects businesses directly with interested consumers.

Lead Generation
200 - 250 Employees

"Ytel is not just a vendor, they're a partner. They help us be more efficient in our business, and we both grow organically because of that. It's a healthy symbiotic relationship."

Nick Long, CEO, MediaMix365
Nick Long
CEO, MediaMix365
Smart Support Team

Smart Support Team
MediaMix365 and all Ytel customers receive 24/7, 365 U.S. based support.

Customizable Dashboard

Customizable Dashboard
Transparency allows Nick's staff to stay updated on hourly and daily production throughout the day.

Advanced Reporting

Advanced Reporting
Build any custom report you need for real-time or historical analytics.